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It’s normal for your furnace to make some noise, especially when you start to use it again after long periods where it’s been out of operation. However, not all noises mean the same thing. If your furnace is regularly making strange furnace noises that you wouldn’t usually hear, there is a chance something is wrong with it.

Take a look at six strange furnace noises and what they mean, and if you can DIY the fix or require to call in a furnace repair person.

1. Dry squealing

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Belts or bearings generate strange furnace noises, a squealing sound when they need lubrication or replacement. Call a furnace repair professional technician to handle this because it’s more complicated than you might think.

The furnace will need cleaning and a quick tune-up to remove grime and inspect for broken or failing parts.

2. Grinding, scraping or clanking

If you hear strange furnace noises like a train grinding and scraping, you probably have a problem with the blower wheel. The wheel may have drifted, or another piece has become loose or stuck in the blower.

The cause may not be as important here – if you hear grinding or scraping metal, it’s time to have a service look into it before it creates permanent damage.

3. Booms

Due to usual temperature changes, your ducts will naturally expand and contract. Yet, if you observe a loud booming noise, it could mean that one of your gas valves is malfunctioning or your system needs to be cleaned.

Consider calling a professional to inspect your unit, as your furnace may be due for a maintenance checkup.

4. Shrieking noises

If your furnace makes shrieking noises, it refers to an issue with the motor, such as a damaged belt. If you find the problem early, operating with the correct tools and equipment is accessible.

Call a licensed technician to repair the belt before more significant problems are developed in your furnace.

5. Loud buzzing or humming noise

While all furnaces generate strange furnace noises like some ambient noise, they run quiet enough not to be disruptive most of the time. However, loud buzzing or humming can indicate mechanical or electrical problems when the furnace starts up or throughout its operation. The main reason would be an issue with your blower fan motor.

If the sound is loudest during startup, this is very likely the reason. A service technician can quickly diagnose and replace faulty parts on the first visit. 

6. High-pitched squealing

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Do you have mice on your walls or a banshee in your backyard? Unlike a dry squeal, which means a bearing or belt is worn, high-pitched squealing usually means an airflow issue.

What you’re hearing is your furnace’s blower struggling to absorb enough air.

Final words

An essential component of saving money on utility bills is scheduling annual maintenance with your HVAC professional. To schedule your fall furnace tune-up, we’d love to assist you. Air Super Clean has the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate, which makes us the most reliable technicians that offer expert services are always ready to provide you with top-notch repair if you hear strange furnace noises, and are highly experienced in doing professionally and efficiently.

You can schedule service with Air Super Clean online or give us a call. Also, if you have any queries about your strange furnace noises, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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