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All about mold remediation process- 7 Steps

mold remediation

All about mold remediation process- 7 Steps

Are you wondering what the mold remediation process includes?

Water, fire, and storms are all disastrously capable of damaging your property. But the word start with ‘M‘ is more dreaded than other hazards, and that is- Mold. It is something that can eat your home by causing aesthetic and structural deterioration. Not to mention, mold severely affects your health and is harmful to your family and employees. Unfortunately, it isn’t easily detected, but you need to have mold remediation if it is there. Today, we are presenting the mold remediation process to make you understand how we can successfully get rid of this allergen.


Steps for the mold remediation process

mold remediation

1) An Emergency Call

Apparently, when homeowners or business owners sense the mold presence in their building, they call for help. Professional mold remediation eradicates the problem with the proper steps. First, the professional discuss the issues and provide a probable estimate.

2) A Visit for Inspection

A team of mold remediation professionals visits the place to inspect the contaminated area. The mold remediation process includes analyzing the situation’s severity to decide what methods work. 

Generally, mold growth occurs in moist places like basements, sink cabinets, window sills, and bathrooms. 

3) Anti Microbial Application

If the mold is not visible to the eyes in the water-damaged area, the professional team applies an antimicrobial agent. It will ensure that no mildew will occur until the wet spot dries out, and this agent will also kill the existing mold spores.

4) A Thorough Assessment

After the proper inspection and detection of the damage that occurred by the mold, the team will start making a precise plan to remove the mold. The assessment plan will allow the homeowners to decide if they want it in that way or not. 

5) Containment

mold remediation

Mold rapidly spreads in your home. They are highly active in the moist area. Therefore, the mold remediation process retains isolating the contaminated area and exterminating mold spores to prevent the spread to the other areas of the property. So, this step ensures that the mole growth doesn’t spread to the unaffected areas.

6) Air Filtration or Air Cleanup

It is a very crucial and mandatory step that makes sure mold spores, microbial volatile organic compounds, dust, and other allergens are removed entirely. In this step, the specialized technicians clean the air. Then, they use negative air machines with high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) air filters to remove mold spores from the ducts and HVAC system.

7) Cleaning and Sanitizing

A reliable and professional team follows standards written by the Institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification to perform the mold remediation process. First, all the mold spores and patches are eradicated with powerful chemicals. Next, a drying process has been applied to eliminate the moisture. The final step performs to sanitize all the affected areas.


Closing Words

Mold growth is extremely harmful to your health and property. It demands immediate treatment to prevent the worsening situation. In this article, we have shared the mold remediation process to eliminate the mold spores in your home. A professional company always follows a careful approach to achieve proficient results.

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