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Exceptional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Excessive lint, overheating, long drying times are the clear signs of a clogged dryer vent. It will result in poor performance, and in the worst situation, it might lead to fire hazards. The correct solution to prevent these issues is connecting with Air Super Clean. For 20 years, we have been delivering the finest dryer vent cleaning services for better efficiency. Our cleaning services help eradicate a probable fire hazard and ensure that your dryer vents are fully-functional.

How we do dryer vent cleaning

The effects of dirty dryer vents are devastating. Flammable soot, creosote, and lint accumulate in the dryer vent as time passes. If you ignore the warning signs, you might have to spend thousands of dollars for the damage in the future.

Fortunately, you can connect with Air Super Clean, a proactive team of skillful technicians. We follow step-by-step procedures to provide you with the best results.

  • We walk-thru your home as part of our pre-cleaning assessment.
  • We show you the report that will allow you to make the analytical decision.
  • After finalizing things, we clean your vents with airbrushing or high-pressure cleaning.
  • Before leaving your house, we clean the work area.
dryer vent cleaning

Benefits of cleaned dryer vents

We present several benefits by cleaning your dryer vents thoroughly.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency — Cleaning vents make your dryer more efficient. As a result, it significantly lowers energy bills.
  • Extended Life of the Dryer — Dirty vents cause your dryer to operate at higher temperatures. As a result, your dryer will not survive for much longer. A thorough cleaning magically expands the lifespan of your dryer.

Eliminated Potential Fire Hazard — As per the reports, dryer fires are responsible for over 223 million dollars annually. Therefore, it clearly shows the importance of cleaning vents twice a year.

Meet our team of dryer vent expert

We have gathered a highly skilled team that offers the most trustworthy services following a strict procedure.

Each of our team members has tremendous experience cleaning dryer vents and making them more efficient than ever. Before visiting your house, we aim to make your dryer energy-efficient, clean, and free from foul smells. So, if you notice the warning signs like- lint buildup beyond the lint filter, No airflow from the exterior vent, burning orders in the laundry room, immediately call Air Super Clean.

ASC holds NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) certified technicians to show you fruitful results. So, consider calling the professionals to clean your home’s dryer vents.

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Get your dryer vent cleaned with precise steps for abiding effects!