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Superior Interior Insulation Coating

Interior insulation coating is effective in preventing fungicidal activity for a long time. In addition, the layer offers long-lasting effects to keep your product protected from various things.

Air Super Clean pride itself in providing the best insulation coating with high-quality products to protect against the high temperature of the hot or cool air inside the HVAC system. We use the coating products on clean surfaces for the best results.

How we do interior insulation coating

If your ducts lack insulation, it is the right time to call the professionals. Air Super Clean uses polyacrylate copolymer emulsion to safeguard your business from various damages. First, our team visits your building to inspect and assess your HVAC system. Then, we prepare a report to show you the percentage of additional damages you can prevent with insulation application.

Our priority is to use a high-quality coating that delivers a tough, elastic, decorative finish. In addition, polyacrylate copolymer emulsion is resistant to most industrial chemicals. So, it is the ideal choice for industrial and institutional settings.

insulation coating
insulation coating

Benefits of insulation coating

You can enjoy several benefits with the coating services by Air Super Clean. 

Cost savings: Coating improves energy efficiency and saves you some utility bills. The proper insulation allows your commercial HVAC system to heat and cool spaces more quickly and maintains the appropriate temperature.

Reduce mold: Coating eliminates mold and mildew growth inside your building. A mold remediation process also involves replacing the old insulation with a new one inside your ducts.

Enhances water resistance: We keep the material dry during transportation, storage, and installation when handling fiberglass insulation. So, insulation adds a coating of defense between the water and the fiberglass to prevent small amounts of water from seeping into the material.

Meet our team of competent individuals

Air Super Clean comes with a team of highly skillful and specialized individuals. In addition, we are filled with a vast knowledge of insulation coating to protect your ducts from fluctuating temperatures.

Our mission is to always satisfy our customers by working according to their needs. Therefore, ASC always aspires to finish the tasks within deadline and offer you better efficiency. We only use products that are harmless to the human body and environment.

ASC holds NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) certified technicians to show you fruitful results. So, call us to get the perfect coating services at affordable rates!

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