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Immaculate Drain Pan Restoration Services

Over time, the drain pans become crumbly, and their surfaces become irregular, interfering with the coil’s moisture and water escape. Air Super Clean uses evolved techniques to resurface the pan with an anti-corrosion metal re-surfacer to ensure proper draining. Twenty years of experience made us the expert in providing excellent Drain Pan Restoration services to stop the rusting and pitting. Interestingly, the restoration expands the lifespan of the air handling unit.

How we restore the drain pan

Generally, the malfunctioning HVAC condensate drain pan causes water damage to surrounding areas, allowing you to realize that it’s time to call the professionals. The other problematic signs include weird smells due to excessive moisture, rise in energy bills, poor indoor air quality, and mold growth inside your home. Any of these symptoms demand professional treatment.

When you call Air Super Clean to fix your drain pan, a team of certified technicians will visit your office and inspect the condensate drain line. The inspection will let us decide if your pan needs repair or replacement. Then, our specialists will follow a thorough procedure to restore your drain pan successfully.

It is highly beneficial in many ways. It keeps your HVAC system running longer while reducing your energy bills and enhancing your indoor air quality.

drain pan restoration
drain pan restoration

Benefits of drain pan restoration

Stagnant water

Air Super Clean uses pancrete capable of eliminating hills and valleys water pooling. Ultimately, it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Corrosive chemicals

Uses of non-acid or acid coil cleaners result in corrosion of aluminum fin surfaces and the galvanized drain pan.

Prevents premature replacement

Drain Pan Restoration services lower the risk of premature replacement of air handling units that eventually save your money.

Loss of structural integrity

Sometimes, the corrosion might lead to a decrease in the structural integrity of the pan. Therefore, drain restoration services can prevent this event by maintaining structural goodness.

Meet the team of outstanding drain pan reconditioning

Air Super Clean provides incredible drain pan reconditioning services in Maryland. We know what damages can bring to your Air Handling Unit. It is essential to understand all the aspects of drain pan restorations to ripe fruitful results. Therefore, ASC has a team of specialists that can smoothly restore your drain pans and make them work as new as possible.

  • We start the restoration process with a vertical re-surfacer to fill cracks, prevent corrosion and furnish a reliable sticking surface for Pancrete.
  • We form a durable and brand new by resurfacing an existing HVAC condensate drain pan.
  • Within a few hours, your HVAC systems will be good to run again and give you the desired comfort.
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Let us offer you the supreme drain pan solutions!