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What to Look for In a Dryer Vent Cleaning Company?

Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

What to Look for In a Dryer Vent Cleaning Company?

Dryer vent cleaning is an integral part of your at-home cleaning and maintenance routine. It is easy to think that your dryer vent will not accumulate much dirt if you regularly clean out the lint trap. In reality, regardless of how regularly you empty fibre build-up from the front of the dryer, your machine will continue to collect large amounts of dirt particles in its vent.

Only a dryer vent cleaning service from a trusted professional will safely clean your dryer.

Here, In this blog, we will discuss what to look for in a dryer vent cleaning company.

1) The methods used to clean your ducts

Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

As you select a dryer vent cleaning company, you must ask what method is used to clean your ducts. For example, some employees use a machine that is similar to a shop vacuum to vacuum dust and dirt particles out of their ducts, while other companies use truck-mounted units.

Truck-mounted units are far more powerful and can remove more dust. This is why companies such as Air Super Clean use them.

2) High-quality inspection

A dryer vent cleaning professional will also operate a more thorough inspection of your vent. The professionals who handle dryer vents see a lot of different dryer issues regularly, making them a helpful source of information about your dryer’s vent and the troubles you might be experiencing.

In addition, they can daily identify and solve symptoms of clogged dryer vents and point you in the right direction if the dryer repairs are beyond their reach.  

3) If they are insured and licensed

When selecting a dryer vent cleaning company, the first thing you should verify is whether they are licensed and insured. You must never use a company that is not licensed and insured.

Always take the time to make sure both the company’s license and insurance are trustworthy when they are cleaning for you.

4) Equipment Used

Ensure that the team you hire uses professional tools to be sure of good work from the start to the end of the process. Some dryer vent cleaning companies might want to use low-cost tools that will not do the job well. If there is mould and the cleaner suggests using a particular chemical, ensure you go through the chemical contents to make sure it does not cause harm to your family members.

In addition, some chemicals might not be suggested for cleaning your dryer vent, so double-check everything the dryer cleaners use on your dryer vent.

5) Trained Professionals

Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Always hire a trusted company to ensure that trained technicians will be doing the work. Many parts of the dryer vent cleaning process need technical knowledge and specific techniques.

Dryer vent cleaners have many years of extensive training and job experience. They know every detail that can be missed by amateur vent cleaners and the untrained eye. 

Final words

Contact Air Super clean today if you are looking for a dryer vent cleaning company. 

We have the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate that makes us the most reliable technicians that offer the finest air duct cleaning services.

Then, you can connect with Air Super Clean for air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.



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