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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality?- 5 Ways

indoor air quality

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality?- 5 Ways

Whenever we hear the word air pollution, the image of smog haze comes into our minds. We have always learned how air pollution can affect our health.

But have you ever given a thought to indoor air quality? What you are breathing inside your home or offices is pure and sacred? You will not believe that your indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air.

The contaminants like fire retardants, CO2, lead, and other harmful chemicals are all connected with allergies, asthma attacks, and other respiratory diseases. Fortunately, you can improve indoor air quality in basic yet effective ways. 

So let’s dive right into the five ways to improve your indoor air quality.

indoor air quality

1) Change your AC Filters

While AC always contributes to your comfort level by offering the perfect temperature anytime you want. Your AC system continuously recycles the indoor air through a filter to keep your air clean. However, their continuous usage is prone to accumulate dirt and dust over time.

Therefore, you need to change your AC filters from time to time to keep utilizing the clean air, and in addition, switching the AC filters also minimizes the maintenance cost and extends its lifespan.

2) Have a check on the humidity in your home

Humidity and moisture is the leading cause of mold growth in your home. Hot and humid conditions invite fungus to breed and spread the allergies in the indoor air. 

Therefore, you need to check the moist area of your home regularly and if you sense any mold growth, immediately call mold remediation professionals.

3) Maintain your Air Filters

If you want to improve indoor air quality, do not only change your AC filters but also notice the air filters that other household appliances contain.

In addition, regularly inspect and maintain vacuum cleaners, kitchen vents, and clothes dryers to reduce air pollution.

4) Inspect your Air Duct

indoor air quality

Air ducts distribute cold and hot air inside your home to offer you a comfortable climate in every corner. However, improperly installed air ducts can distribute containments from one corner of your house to another.

In addition, the gradual accumulation of dust, dirt, and dander reduces the air quality and even the functionality of your duct system. Therefore, you need to hire a professional company to get your air ducts inspected, cleaned, and maintained.

5) Invest in Some Indoor Plants

To naturally freshen up your indoor air, buy some plants like Chinese evergreen, fern, lilies, ficus, and English ivy. These plants increase the fresh air supply and offer you improved indoor air quality. 

Wrap Up

It is imperative to purify your indoor air to stay healthy inside your home or office. You can improve indoor air quality and protect your family’s health in several ways and measurements.

First, connect with Air Super Clean to have experienced technicians to help you reduce indoor air pollution. We provide a wide range of services like air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and mold remediation.

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