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Types Of Vacuum Attachment Dryer Vent

how often dryer vent cleaning is required?

Types Of Vacuum Attachment Dryer Vent

Dryer manufacturers recommend regular lint removal to extend dryer life. Using the long, vacuum attachment dryer vent, you can remove years of lint build-up deep within the dryer gap, exhaust port, and vent so your appliance runs more safely and efficiently. Using types of vacuum for dryer vents is necessary to clean your vent and help prevent deadly dryer vent fires from sparking.

Types of vacuum attachment dryer vent

Vacuum Attachment Dryer Vent - Air Super clean

1. Vacuum attachment dryer vent- Cylindrical vacuums

Cylindrical vacuums have no rotating brushes and work by suction only. Instead, a filter that acts as a diffuser is fitted at the outlet, eliminating debris. This filter also lessens air disturbance and noise. The dust bag is inside the cylindrical body of the vacuum cleaner. This vacuum attachment dryer vent has a flexible hose and different attachments used to clean various surfaces. 

2. Upholstery tool

It is a small, flat, and rectangular brush around 4 to 5 inches in length, with a removable row of short bristles. As the name suggests, it’s perfect for dislodging crumbs, dirt, and debris so the vacuum can suck them up.

3. Vacuum attachment for cleaning dryer vent- Sweep feat

This flat, wide attachment should be your go-to tool. It is the best vacuum attachment for cleaning dryer vents because its short bristles sweep the dirt, crumbs, and pet hairs while the center sucks up the rest of the dirt and dust particles. This attachment has horsehair bristles and a swivel design

4. Dusting brush

With long, soft bristles, it helps to clean delicate places. If your vac is equipped with variable suction, you can use it for more delicate tasks, such as cleaning around knick-knacks.

5. Extension wand

These slim, cylindrical plastic or metal wands are your tickets to vacuuming out-of-reach places. They’re generally attached to the end of the vacuum where you connect a tool, such as a crevice or brush tool. You can easily clean all the corners with the extension wand and the tool.

How often is the dryer vent cleaned?

vacuum attachment for cleaning dryer vent - Air super clean

The point of cleaning your dryer vent is to increase the overall efficiency of the dryer. When lint, dirt, and dust particles are removed, the dryer will be able to work at its best, and you will have dry clothes when the load is completed. So how often dryer vent cleaning? Regardless of how many clothes you’re washing or how big your family is, it would be best to have your dryer vents cleaned once per year.

Final words

Cleaning your dryer vents is a project you should regularly tackle with a vacuum attachment dryer vent. However, the dryer vent becoming clogged could be dangerous for your home. In addition, the dryer generates a lot of heat and could lead to a house fire if not cleaned regularly. Your best bet is to call Air Super Clean to restore maximum airflow to your machine and keep it in proper working order. In addition, we offer free, no-obligation inspections and price quotes to keep you safe, informed, and aware!

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