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While a savvy homeowner can do some AC maintenance, it’s still necessary to have an expert technician check the system periodically; if you have a poorly maintained system, it can become contaminated with microorganisms that may be harmful if inhaled.

AC maintenance is one of the most important things you can perform in your home. Here are seven costly AC mistakes that could affect your energy bills and some simple adjustments that can save your lungs and wallet.

1. Opening windows and doors

Keeping windows and doors open is an excellent way to undermine your HVAC system’s ability to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you aim to take advantage of a cool breeze, don’t run your A/C unit simultaneously. Otherwise, your team will have to work more to maintain the humidity.

2. Not clean the filter regularly 

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AC maintenance is quite the hot topic among homeowners, and air filters are the backbone of AC; the air filter must be cleaned quarterly and once a month if the machine works daily. A dirty air filter can cause poor ventilation, which may affect the Indoor Air Quality, increase your electricity consumption by 5% -15%, and even affect your device’s lifespan.

A dirty AC filter may also be hazardous to your family’s health if not cleaned regularly.

3. Poorly positioning the thermostat and vents

In your home, ensure that the thermostat and ducts are correctly set. Putting the thermostat in direct sunlight or near heat-producing lights and appliances provides an inaccurate reading, causing the air conditioner to work overtime.

Also, blocking interior vents with furniture or curtains may stop proper air circulation.

4. Not cleaning off the coils

Your condenser will usually be located outside and subjected to the elements. It can become dirty and have debris and leaf litter blow over it. Dust, dirt, and garden debris on the coils will reduce their effectiveness.

Make sure you check it regularly so that the ventilation is kept clear and that any leaves or grass clippings from your lawnmower are kept away. If you have shrubs near the condenser, make sure they are regularly pruned so there are at least sixty centimeters around the box. If AC maintenance is done correctly, they are set to last about 10-15 years.

5. Skipping preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps keep your utility bills low because it helps your equipment properly function at peak performance. Avoidable issues can significantly affect your HVAC equipment’s performance, increasing your energy bills and reducing your comfort in the process.

6. Not upgrading to a more efficient Unit

Even if your unit still runs, upgrading to a new air conditioning unit may make sense if it’s over five years old. Air Super Clean can sit down with you and crunch the numbers to see how many units you can save by upgrading to a new model.

7. Not circulating air with a fan

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Most people use a fanatic when it’s warm and switch to the AC when it’s hot. Fans and air conditioners should not be seen as either-or, though. Air conditioners work way better with fans, especially automated ceiling fans.

Final words

Are you wondering what’s so great about AC maintenance? Knowing how to properly use and maintain your AC system can improve comfort in your home. It can also lower energy costs, minimize costly repairs, and make your equipment last longer. 

Air Super Clean has the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate, which makes us the most reliable technicians that offer expert AC maintenance services are always ready to provide you with top-notch AC maintenance and repair, and are highly experienced in doing professionally and efficiently. 



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