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Excessive Water in AC Drain Pan- 4 Reasons

AC Drain Pan

Excessive Water in AC Drain Pan- 4 Reasons

AC drain pans are a major part of your cooling system, with the advancements in everything, modern homes come with ACs with compressors located at the home’s exterior. They require proper attention to ensure the drain pan has not accumulated overflowing water. If you avoid checking on your ACs condensate pan, it will gradually trigger mold, mildew, and rot. If someday you notice excessive water in the AC drain pan, you should know that it is a sign of trouble.

This guide will enlighten you on the possible causes of an overflowing AC drain pan. You should immediately call experienced technicians for drain pan reconditioning to fix your HVAC system again. 

Possible causes of water pooling in air conditioner

AC Drain Pan

1) Clogged Drain Pipe

One of the most common reasons for excessive water in the AC drain pan is a blocked drainpipe. The whole process goes like that- air flows over the evaporator coils, which lose some of their humidity when they cool down. Now, this humidity resides in the form of condensation on the coils. The condensation can drip off into the drain pan and exits the air conditioning system through the drain pipe. 

Along with the water, dust and dirt also move down the drainpipe, resulting in blocking. 

2) Improperly Installed AC

Sometimes the AC installers are not experienced enough to install the drain pan in the right direction. Misalignment will cause various problems in the drain pan. For example, an outlet for the drain placed on the lower side of the pan allows the water to flow towards it. If your technicians installed an outlet on the opposite side of the pan, the water would pool before draining.

In that case, calling experienced and certified technicians will be helpful. They will inspect your AC installation and ensure that all the parts are correctly placed to offer better functioning. In addition, Drain Pan Restoration will allow the water to flow smoothly.

3) Frozen Evaporator Coils

Gradually, the ice accumulates under the air conditioner, and evaporator coils get frozen. You can look closely to detect if the evaporator coils are frozen. Professional coil cleaning services will inspect and fix the issue to prevent overflowing water. 

4) Damaged AC Drain Pan

AC Drain Pan

Another reason for excessive water in the AC drain pan is the damaged air conditioner. The thin metal sheet is responsible for circulating water through condensation. If there is accumulation, the water will not drain out. Hiring the drain pan restoration services will quickly resolve this issue and allow the water to flow easily. 


Closing words by Air Super Clean

If you notice water in the AC drain pan, it is the right time to call the experts. However, no matter what causes water overflowing in the drain pan, it would be best if you never left it untreated. 

Call Air Super Clean to get the best air conditioner repair and drain pan restoration services.

We provide trustworthy services for both commercial and residential ACs. 

You can book an appointment or call us to get a free estimate!

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