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4 Common HVAC System Repairs During Summer

hvac system repairs

4 Common HVAC System Repairs During Summer

What are the most common HVAC system repairs when the summer arrives?

Whether in-home or business, the HVAC systems are our best comfort provider. Their heating and cooling functioning maintain a satisfying level of indoor temperatures. However, the continuous usage and HVAC age make you fall into uncomfortable situations. If they no longer work optimally, something must be faulty inside them. 

Residential and commercial HVAC units have similarities in maintenance and repair. However, you will have to call certified technicians to inspect and fix the HVAC system for good. Further, we will discuss the most common HVAC system repairs you will witness during hot days.


(HVAC system repairs) Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System Repairs

hvac system repairs

1) Inconsistent or Low Cooling or Heating

Refrigerant is a liquid substance vital in the cooling systems to remove heat and produce cool air. A loss of refrigerant will restrict effective cooling. It is the most common HVAC repair that can be fixed with just recharge or refill of refrigerant. 

Inconsistent cooling is also the result of frozen evaporator coils on the air conditioner. Fortunately, you can repair this issue by easily defrosting the coils and removing the ice build-up.

2) Efficiency loss

Over time, HVAC systems can lose efficiency and cause a noticeable increase in monthly energy bills. In addition, when there is clogging or blockages in the duct system, your HVAC works harder to provide heating or cooling. Therefore, if you are receiving high energy bills, you need to call professionals to inspect your HVAC system and repair it with a reliable procedure.




3) Unusual Noises 

Usually, the HVAC system produces slight noises when it is running. However, if you notice a high pitch in the unusual noises, it is a clear sign that your HVAC system is screaming for repair.

Before calling the professionals, make sure that the noises are not coming due to unfastened doors or access panels, loose components, or parts producing banging, rattling, or clattering noises. 

4) Issues with Fan Motor

hvac system repairs

Other HVAC system repairs include fixing the fan motor of the air conditioning unit. It can sustain a significant amount of wear and tear during the summer days.

In addition, failed fan motor will no longer allow the air to cool and push through the house. Fan motor also produces unusual or weird noises when on the fritz. 

Have the HVAC system experts inspect the air handling unit carefully and suggest the best solutions.


Final Words by Air Super Clean

Many homeowners and business owners witness common HVAC system repairs during summer days. But you don’t have to worry because you can get help from experienced technicians that can rejuvenate your HVAC system and make it efficient enough to work correctly.

Regular maintenance and annual inspection help your HVAC system stays efficient and long-lasting. 

Connect with Air Super Clean today to get the best HVAC system repair and cleaning services in Maryland.

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