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Commercial Coil Cleaning in Spring- 3 Important Reasons

commercial coil cleaning 

Commercial Coil Cleaning in Spring- 3 Important Reasons

Spring has arrived with numerous opportunities for new hopes and new beginnings and the need for commercial coil cleaning . Spring is an excellent time for renewable that often comes with spring cleaning. Therefore, this season is perfect for your business to plan for HVAC preventive maintenance programs.

In this program, do not forget to include commercial coil cleaning by professionals. Coil cleaning prevents high energy bills and costly equipment problems. It would be best to mention evaporator and condenser coils cleaning in the HVAC system at the top of your priority list.

A reliable cleaning removes accumulated dust, dirt, pollen, and grime in the system with regular usage. 


Why is commercial coil cleaning necessary?

commercial coil cleaning 

1) Extend the Life Span of the HVAC System

If you do not treat your dirty coils for a longer time, the dirt and dust accumulation can cause your HVAC unit to work harder and run longer. As a result, the chances of unit breakdowns will increase, and you will have overheated motors.

Therefore, commercial coil cleaning will prevent overall HVAC investment for unplanned repair or new units. 

2) Satisfies your Comfort Level

Uncleaned HVAC systems throw a massive impact on your temperature levels. As a result, they do not function at their high efficiency and provide discomfort in your offices. In addition, the dirty systems also provoke mold, bacteria, and other contaminants to degrade your indoor air quality.

As a result, uncomfortable temperatures and poor indoor quality interfere with your working capabilities. Fortunately, you can prevent these issues and ensure comfort, safety, and satisfaction with HVAC system repair and cleaning.

3) Coil Cleaning Increases the Unit Efficiency

commercial coil cleaning 

You cannot neglect the high energy bills that you are receiving lately. Do you know why you are seeing a high rise in the bills?

It is because uncleaned commercial HVAC units deliver low efficiency and work harder to perform essential functions. In addition, the grime accumulation in coils limits the heat transfer, degrades the dehumidification process, and decreases the amount of airflow.

Reduced efficiency pushes the same amount of air through your system, resulting in a rise in utility bills. According to the US department of energy, a dirty condenser coil can increase compressor energy consumption by 30%. Therefore, by having regular coil cleaning, you can save money on energy bills by 30%. 


Closing words by Air Super Clean

Commercial coil cleaning is not just brilliant, but also it is a necessity. Every business relies on an HVAC system year-round. Therefore, proper inspection, maintenance, and cleaning are required regularly. 

Contact Air Super Clean today if you want to schedule commercial HVAC coil cleaning. We will provide you with our free quote over a call and some details before we visit your commercial facility. So, do not miss having reliable and trustworthy cleaning with expert technicians.

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