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Cleaning Coils: Why is it important?

Cleaning Coils: Why is it important?

One of the easiest, most cost-effective things we can do regarding energy efficiency is to have the air conditioner system’s condenser and evaporator coils inspected yearly and cleaned as necessary. Cleaning coils impacts energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and the longevity of the HVAC system.

Cleaning coils: Why is it essential?

1. Reduce your chances of system downtime

Cleaning coils is essential preventive maintenance for commercial HVAC units, and without it, your units are far more likely to need costly repairs or replacement altogether. In addition, system downtime is never convenient and can devastate a business. Not only is employees’ productivity impacted when the HVAC system is down, but a customer’s decision to return to your place of business is far more likely if the air is clean and the temperatures comfortable.

2. Your AC will live longer by cleaning coils

Condenser coil cleaning by air super clean

Condenser coils are constantly subjected to dirt, leaves, dust, and bugs. Remember, regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to maximize the life of your air conditioner. In addition, failure to clean your air conditioning coils drives up your energy bills.

3. Cleaning the coil on an air conditioner helps in cost savings

A high-performance air conditioner should keep your home cool and comfortable. However, it can only happen if cleaning the coil on an air conditioner performs optimally. When a layer of debris or grime covers the coil, it becomes harder for this component to work correctly. Therefore, the unit has to work overtime to cool your home, leading to a high electricity bill. Dirty condenser coils can’t release heat efficiently, and it’s a good reason to clean this HVAC part. 

4. Condenser coil cleaning improves indoor air quality

Dirty coils are ideal breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Remember, the air that passes through the evaporator coil has been filtered and does not go through another filtering process before entering your building. Therefore, the bacteria will be dispersed throughout your space when the evaporator coils are neglected for an extended period. In addition, this reduction in air quality could lead to respiratory issues for your employees, customers, and occupants. So, contact Air Super Clean to clean the coil on an air conditioner.

5. Improves dehumidification

Cleaning Coils by air super clean

A clogged coil can enhance compressor airflow, lessening heat transfer and degrading the dehumidification process. We can solve this problem by condenser coil cleaning, which will not only improve the air quality in your building but also help prevent mold and bacteria build-up.

Final words

At Air Super Clean, we have an experienced team of professionals and all the necessary equipment for cleaning coils. So give us a call and schedule your air-conditioned coil inspection or condenser coil cleaning. Our quality cleaning has provided full-service HVAC solutions to homes in and around the area. Contact us to set up a maintenance agreement if you’re ready to get the most from your heating and air conditioning system. Our professional technicians will give your system a visual inspection and measure the difference in temperature between air entering and air entering the coil. 


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