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Condenser Coil Cleaners – 4 Types

Condenser Coil Cleaners – 4 Types

How to clean condenser coils on AC? Condenser coil cleaners are cleaning agents. The concentrated formulation of the cleaner effectively foams and emulsifies headstrong smoke film baked on lint, grass, leaves, insects, feathers, and other debris deposits from the coils that affect indoor air. The foam created pushes deposits and contamination out of the coil and is easily cleaned with water to get a clean surface. The AC condenser coil cleaning not only cleans contamination and removes oxidation but also restores efficiency and thus reduces operating costs.

Type of condenser coil cleaners


1. Non-acid condenser coil cleaners

The acid-free, non-caustic, alkaline-based cleaners feature expanding foam action to help lift dirt, oil, grease, and debris out of the coil (against air flow). As a result, they can help to keep HVAC systems operating at peak efficiency. Due to its unique emulsifying formula, it combines with the system’s natural condensation. Through regular AC condenser coil cleaning, it continues to flush away efficiency-robbing particles, such as soil, grease, and lint. Self-rinsing units can be cleaned in place, indoors, or out. 

2. Acidic cleaners

Acidic cleaners are similar to alkaline cleaners in stripping away or “etching” the metal. When cleaning with an acidic cleaner, you will notice that the surface usually looks brighter. However, it is unnecessary to brighten the coil to remove corrosive deposits. The passive oxides on the fin surface are not detrimental to the fin’s heat exchange function.  

3. AC condenser coil cleaning- Household detergent

While there are several commercially available coil cleaning solutions in the market, we can clean air conditioner coils with a solution of mild household detergent and water. How to clean condenser coils on AC? A low-pressure sprayer applies the detergent and water mix to the coil. The coil can drain naturally or be lightly rinsed with a garden hose. We may repeat this process as necessary.

4. How to clean condenser coils on AC?- Solvent-based coil cleaners

Solvent-based condenser coil cleaners work best in areas where water rinsing must be checked. Safe for coated and non-coated coils, this formulation is an acid-free, non-caustic, degreasing foaming formula. Effective on grease and works excellent on all metals with a clean, fresh scent. Safer cleaning of evaporator coils, condenser coils, and refrigeration coils.



We should note that you should not use this cleaner on coils with paint or powder coating because it may damage the coating. Instead, only use this cleaner on bare metal condenser coils.


Wrap Up

It’s essential to keep your condenser coils clean to keep your HVAC unit functioning at its best. If the condenser coils are not cleaned, dirt and dust particles can inhibit heat from being exchanged. Condenser coil cleaners are chemical cleaners specially formulated for condenser coils. Air Super Clean professionals can clean your coils if necessary, and we are always transparent about the process. If you need any AC maintenance, including AC condenser coil cleaning, we can help. Contact us today to fix an appointment for AC coil cleaning.


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