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AC Coil Cleaner Homemade Solution

AC Coil Cleaner Homemade Solution

If your air conditioner system is starting to smell musty or you notice that it isn’t cooling as well as it used to, it might be time to clean the coils. Fortunately, you can clean the coils with an AC coil cleaner solution. Here, in this blog, we discuss some homemade solutions.

AC coil cleaner homemade solution


1. AC coil cleaner homemade- vinegar and water

Using a homemade air conditioner coil cleaner made up of simply vinegar and water is an excellent easy do-it-yourself solution for coil cleaning in your air conditioner system. White vinegar is the most effective mold and mildew cleaner. It not only removes mold, but it also leaves behind disinfectant properties that hinder mold from coming back.

2. Using mild detergents and water

Suppose you prefer not to use a commercial cleaner, AC coil cleaner homemade mild detergent, and water work just as well to clean the coils. Mix a simple detergent and warm water in a spray bottle or garden sprayer. Spray the mixture onto the evaporator coils and give it a few minutes to soak in and loosen the dirt particles and debris. Wipe away any reduced material with a soft brush or cloth and reapply as needed.

3. Using dish detergent 

You can use dish detergent and water to spray the coils off as an AC cleaning solvent. You should be able to spray them down, let them sit, and then rinse the coils with warm water after ten minutes. The water will run down into the drip pan below, so you don’t need to worry about cleanup.

4. Using a compressor

Using a compressor to blow the dirt and debris off the coils is very effective, but hitting the area with a force of air will scatter dust and debris throughout your air conditioner unit. So before using forced air to clean the system, it is good to take a dust buster or vacuum with the right attachments to get and get as many dirt particles and debris as possible beforehand.

Benefits of evaporator coil cleaning

The importance of clean AC evaporator coils cannot be overstated, aside from providing the cooling needed to generate cold air. The evaporator coils also help in the HVAC system’s dehumidification process. More frequent evaporator coil cleaning may be beneficial outdoors in a big city with high pollution. It’s good to consult with an HVAC professional who will evaluate the placement and condition of your HVAC unit and advise on the cleaning frequency.

How does coil cleaner foam work?


Your AC coil cleaner foam helps remove unwanted and uncomfortable humidity from your home as a natural part of the cooling process. However, dirty coils can reduce overall system effectiveness, causing higher humidity inside and less overall comfort.

Final words

Most central air conditioners are part of a home’s forced-air system, which relies on ductwork to circulate cooled and heated air throughout the house. If your AC coil cleaner doesn’t work well, Contact Air Super Clean for professional cleaning to maximize indoor comfort and minimize energy bills. We are your service call for all your heating and cooling needs. Feel free to reach out to our HVAC professional team today.


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