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Air Duct Contamination: How to detect, clean, and prevent?

Air Duct Contamination

Air Duct Contamination: How to detect, clean, and prevent?

A properly functioning air duct helps you enjoy the soothing and quality home environment. But unfortunately, dirty air ducts throw adverse effects that are not favorable for your home and health.

When homeowners or business owners avoid cleaning for a long time, they will eventually face air duct contamination. Dirty air ducts are the apparent home to mold, bacteria, rodents, debris of organic decay, dust mite, and pollen grains.

Contaminants can pose serious problems, including asthmatic issues and allergies. Therefore, understanding how to detect the potential contamination will help you maintain the air duct system.

Further, we will explore how to detect, clean, and prevent air duct contamination.


How to Detect Air Duct Contamination?


Air Duct Contamination


Detecting your air ducts will help you decide if you need professional cleaning services. It is the first step that is essential to avoid unnecessary steps because if your duct system is excellent, you will not need to hire professional cleaners.

Usually, the air ducts get dirty after a certain amount of time. You can detect the contamination in a few ways:

  • The easy way to detect contamination is by unscrewing the duct covers. It is how you can check visible water leaks and mold growth. If the mold is present, you can schedule mold remediation services.
  • Traces of vermin is also a sign of vent contamination.
  • Check if your air duct has excessive dust and debris accumulation to detect contamination.

However, you can check all the above points yourself; you will need to schedule a duct cleaning company for the central part.

They will thoroughly inspect to detect any existing contamination in your ductwork and implement the procedures accordingly.


How to Clean Contaminated Air Ducts?

After detecting a duct, you will know if your vent is contaminated. The second step of cleaning requires professional help. An air duct repair and cleaning company can handle this task successfully.

If you try to clean your ductwork yourself, you may damage some parts or worsen the situation. That’s the main reason why your HVAC system requires professional treatment.


How to Prevent Air Ducts From Future Contamination?


Air Duct Contamination


If you have hired the air duct cleaning services and successfully removed all the contaminants from it, you will require to prevent any reoccurring. To avoid air duct contamination, follow the below steps:

  • Always ensure to have a functional air filter for your HVAC system. The fine air filter will maintain the freshness of your duct. 
  • Never leave the leaky or wet air ducts that can be a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and mold. 
  • Schedule the annual maintenance of the HVAC system to make sure that everything is going in the right direction.


Closing thoughts by Air Super Clean

A regularly functioning air duct system collects various contaminants. Therefore it is necessary for you to be attentive to your HVAC system.

To detect clean and prevent air duct contamination, connect with Air Super Clean. Our professional services will help you maintain the quality of your air duct.

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