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How do professionals inspect dryer vents? 

inspect dryer vents

How do professionals inspect dryer vents? 

Are you looking for experts to inspect dryer vents at your residence or commercial? There is nothing more essential than to make sure that every aspect of a home is checked and certified as safe Professionals need to pay immediate recognition to the state of air ducts and dryer vents for safety. If the dryer vents and air ducts are not inspected, a hidden blockage could become a safety risk.

In this blog, we will discuss how professionals inspect dryer vents.

1) Look carefully at the end port of the dryer

inspect dryer vents

Professionals look carefully at the termination port of the dryer, as well as the roof cap and wall. In addition, you should be on alert for things that can cause clogs in the opening, such as built-up dirt, leaves, and bird nests.

As you do this, you can check that the vent is functioning correctly by checking the air’s velocity. If you feel very weak or don’t feel the air, it could mean you have a block that needs to be cleaned out by a professional cleaner.

2) Examine and clean the outdoor exhaust vent 

Professionals inspect dryer vents cap for visible damage like cracks and missing screws. Next, they remove the vent cap and check the exhaust duct for blockages, buildup, and visible damage like holes and cracks.

3) Looking for a vent system

Professionals look for signs that your vent system has been lengthened. They recommend that dryer vent ducts should be straight and short, at least as much as is practically possible.

If you’ve extended your dryer vent system or if the previous owners of your home have, it could not only make drying your clothes take longer, but it could affect how well it works and how often it gets clogged.

4) Using the metal tape

Professionals ensure that metal tape should be used to hold joints in place. While duct tape should not be used on dryer vent duct joints, it is a handy fix-it tool. In this case, metal tape should be used.

If they see other hardware holding joints together, like screws, professionals help you remove them and get them back together correctly.

5) Conducts diagnostic tests

inspect dryer vents

Professionals conduct a diagnostic test after the dryer vent cleaning. We have a team of professionals who can inspect dryer vents hassle-free, and a diagnostic test will determine how much pressure goes through the vent, how much gas makes it into your home, and find out if there are any damages inside the vent.

Final words

Air Super Clean will inspect dryer vents lines of your home spectacularly to ensure that all hazards that can cause fires, compromise the homeowner’s safety and create other health hazards are adequately identified. The inspection will also identify existing blockages, improper construction of various components as well as the use of non-code compliant materials. 

We have the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate that makes us the most reliable technicians that offer the finest air duct cleaning services.

In addition, air Super clean provides quality services at affordable prices. So, if you want us to inspect dryer vents at your home, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today.