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7 Important Vent Cleaning Tools

Important Vent Cleaning Tools

7 Important Vent Cleaning Tools

Numerous important vent cleaning tools qualified air duct cleaning professionals often use and employ various power, pneumatic and hand tools when cleaning air ducts. While multiple types of equipment are used in the air duct cleaning industry, the job site broadly defines which we will use air duct cleaning tools.

But professionals use some important vent cleaning tools, which we describe below.

1. Skipper balls

Skipper balls are indispensable widgets that lead the charge on your duct cleaning. Professionals’ dryer vent cleaning tools will often include a combination of spinning and non-spinning skipper balls.

Used with air pressure to blow towards or away from the user, these are essential for loosening and removing debris.

2. Rotary brushes 

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Rotary brushes with firm but flexible nylon bristles spin around and sweep the sides of the ducts. We can use a more gentle brush head with soft-poly bristles for cleaning flex-duct or insulated ductwork.

High-powered blow nozzles and air wands use high-pressured air to the register covers and the area immediately inside the vents, pushing debris toward the main line, where other tools coax it toward the vacuum.

3. Dryer vent vacuum 

A dryer vent vacuum can be an important vent cleaning tool when you have a clogged vent. If you want to clean your dryer vent gently, then using the vacuum will allow you to do so.

The strong vacuum can suck up all of the lint, blocking your vent without any problem. It can also vacuum up any other dirt and dust particles that happen to be clogging up the flue.

4. Air whips

An air whip can come in handy when loosening stubborn dirt. Its plastic tentacles will thrash aggressively against the walls of the air duct. In addition, the tentacles are usually equipped with nozzles.

The air blasts from these nozzles are incredibly useful in pushing dislodged debris toward the collection device.

5. Air duct brushes

Manual hand and power brushes work well to scrub dirt and dust from your air duct system. The professional cleaner you hire to clean your system should have every type of brush.

6. Spinning brush

A spinning brush is among the most important vent cleaning tools bristles of a spinning brush are softer and allow for easy removal of stains and build-up without damaging duct and ventilation walls. The brush head is attached to a long handle reaching the ventilation system’s tighter areas.

There are several brushes available depending on the application.

7. Nylon brush rods  

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You will need nylon brush rods to clean your dryer vent. It is one of the most important vent cleaning tools it is essential to be able to reach as deep inside of the vent as you can. These brush rods are easy to handle and are also somewhat lengthy.

However, you’ll be able to fit them into the dryer vent and eliminate whatever is blocking your vent. 

Final words

This article has tried to cover all the necessary information regarding important vent cleaning tools. Professionals of Air Super Clean remove contaminants from your ductwork and vents and keep them clear of obstructions.

However, We have the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate, which makes us the most reliable technicians that offer expert services and are always ready to provide you with top-notch vent cleaning services and are highly experienced in doing professionally and efficiently.