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6 Ways to Extend Dryer Vents Life

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6 Ways to Extend Dryer Vents Life

Are you looking for a way to extend the life of your dryer vents? Are your clothes taking more time to dry than usual? Does it smell like something’s musty? Is the outside wall of your dryer vents too hot to touch after you put in a load of laundry? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for routine maintenance on your dryer vents. Cleaning your dryer vents not only saves you money on your energy bill but can protect your home from a potential house fire.

Here, we discuss ways to extend dryer vents’ life in this blog.

1) Water fill hoses

Ways to Extend Dryer Vent Life

The water fill hoses that came with your washing machine may burst or leak sooner or later. It’s good preventive maintenance practice to check these hoses from time to time for any sign of weakness. For example, if you see a small vesicle in the hose’s rubber, it could be an early sign of a rupture. According to the manufacturers, hoses should be replaced every five years.

2) Look for a moisture sensor

If you’re looking for a new dryer in the market, go for one with a moisture sensor. It will help you with an automatic shut-off cycle when your clothes are dry.

3) Dryer filter 

It is basic knowledge that you always clean your dryer filter after each use. This filter is regularly reachable through a small door on top of or just inside the dryer. So, firstly, open the door, pull out the filter, and remove the layer of lint that builds up after each use. 

4) Unplug the dryer

Anytime you’re repairing an appliance, disconnect it from the power source. For example, before you start cleaning, always remember to unplug the dryer machine or shut it off from the electrical panel.

5) Never stop the dryer in mid-cycle

Ways to Extend Dryer Vent Life

Stopping the dryer in the middle of the cycle is quietly dangerous for your appliance and safety. There are two possible consequences of this. The first is you will find your laundry could catch fire, and the second might malfunction. So, it is advisable to never stop the dryer in mid-cycle.

6) Keep them level

Washers should be used on a level floor. It should not be overloaded. Always keep them leveled to prevent them from moving, which might destroy the clothes around them and the appliance itself.

7) Don’t overuse laundry detergent

Excessive detergent use does not mean cleaner clothes. It will only create excess residue and suds that get hardened over time if left inside the washer. Instead of using too much detergent, always choose the appropriate type of cleaning agent according to your clothes. Also, keep in mind that don’t overuse laundry detergent.

Final words

If at any point something doesn’t look right – or you just feel like you’re in over your head – call Air Super Clean. We’re available 24/7 to help answer questions, solve problems, and provide remedies. We have the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate that makes us the most reliable technicians that offer the finest air duct cleaning services. We also help you in providing ways to extend dryer vents’ life.


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