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Air Duct Cleaning Cost: How much should you pay in 2024?

Air Duct Cleaning Cost: How much should you pay in 2024?

How much you pay to clean the HVAC system and ducts depends on a variety of variables. Air duct cleaning costs undoubtedly uncovered a range of prices when we started researching about it. Nevertheless, professional air duct cleaning can improve the health and comfort of your house in terms of average air duct cleaning costs

Factors in calculating air duct cleaning cost 


1. Size and type of ductwork

Another factor associated with managing commercial HVAC systems is the size and type of ductwork. As most commercial properties have custom ductwork, this increases service costs. Additionally, the size of your commercial property also plays a role in the size of your HVAC. Larger units with more vents will increase the service cost and clean the system. The size of your ductwork determines how many professionals are needed to clean it.

2. Average air duct cleaning cost- the cleaners’ experience 

Many contractors nowadays offer low-cost services, but you usually get what you pay. If your air ducts are not cleaned properly, you may notice increased dust in your home and potentially damaged ducting. When looking for air duct cleaning firms, enquire about their experience, references, insurance, inspection procedure, and rules and charges.

3. The size of your home

Many factors go into calculating the air duct cost; one is the size of your home. Getting the ducts cleaned of a larger home will typically cost you higher than getting the ducts cleaned of a smaller home. It is because duct cleaners will assess and measure your area and then give you cost estimates based on that figure. The larger the size of your home, the more time and effort it will take. Thus as a consequence, duct cleaners will charge a higher amount.

4. Air duct cleaning cost- number of vents

Air duct cleaning professionals commonly charge by the number of vents. Some air duct cleaning professionals charge a flat fee with additional vents, a trip fee that covers the overhead, plus each additional vent or a price per square foot.

5. Mold and mildew

The air duct cleaning cost in terms of mold, there is a big difference between simple mold and hazardous mildew. Some fungal growth sheds dangerous spores that can lead to severe respiratory problems. The process of eradicating this mold and mildew and ensuring it doesn’t grow back is called mold remediation. You’ll need to hire a particular contractor for this and will likely pay upwards.

6. The appearance of rodents 


There’s not much you can do to avoid air duct cleaning fees if you have rodents. However, it is one scenario where the EPA says to seek professional help because the ductwork’s droppings can cause breathing problems. 

Final words

At Air Super Clean, we provide professional cleaning services to improve your indoor air quality without hidden costs. Therefore, we do not advertise an air duct cleaning cost with a coupon or special introductory price. Instead, we provide tailored estimates based on the customer’s requirements.


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